The Problem

Rollking is a multi-purpose medicinal marijuana tool that is used to help those with body conditions that cause shakes and uncontrolled body movements.

Medical marijuana is being used across America, as well as other countries internationally to treat individuals with chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Dementia, Tourette syndrome and Epilepsy.

Unfortunately, those suffering from the conditions mentioned above find it challenging to prepare and consume their medication. Rollking is a tool that aims to aid those who are suffering from their inability to serve their medicine.

Rollking required a website to act as the first point of contact for sales and information on the product for both individuals and wholesalers.

The Solution

Rollking required a simple one-page website allowing potential customers to purchase or inquire about the product. The following was included as part of Rollking’s package –

  • One page website design
  • One page website development
  • Secure HTTPS:// connection protocol
  • One year of website hosting

Colour Palette



The Rollking website is built as a one-page webpage, with a fixed header providing customers with an early point of contact.The website is hosted on a fast Unix based server, with a secure HTTPS:// connection to improve security and SEO of the site.

View the Rollking Website


“Working with NoFace has been an absolute pleasure. We started working with them after months of unsuccessful attempts to create our own webpage. Not only did they do a great job of displaying our content, but they also provided us with on-going support to overcome our own technical difficulties.”

- Sam McMahon - Director, SNM Innovation

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