The Problem

Tu Plato is a Mexican food themed restaurant, hoping to bring a kick of the Hispanic flavours to the UK. They currently have 2 locations in the UK, Aberdeen and Canterbury; and are now looking to expand in the city of Southampton.

As business has been growing for Tu Plato, they are in seek of a complete brand design that will cover all areas of the company. To throw a bit of spice into the challenge, they’ve also decided to launch four new flavours of alcoholic beverages, bespoke to their restaurants.

The Solution

A full brand design, with complimenting posters, signs and menus that tie the restaurant’s personality into a visual message of quality food from the Hispanic culture.

As Tu Plato does not currently have any existing branding or brand assets, now was the perfect time to investigate all requirements and ensure Los had what he needed to move forward with his business.

After a free consultation, a spec proposal of project requests and deliverables was drafted. The plan outlined the following to be completed over the course of 3 months –

  • Logo design
  • Brand colour palette
  • Brand guidelines
  • Iconography
  • Social media strategy
  • Four beer labels for new Tu Plato beverages
  • Drink posters
  • Food and beverages menus
  • Tu Plato posters for use in advertisements
  • Website design, followed by a site development in the coming months


Tu Plato aims to be the go-to Mexican restaurant of choice for hip and trendy teenagers, and families that are looking for a relaxed fun-filled venue for all ages to enjoy. Tu Plato believes that the heritage of its food and culture is what will drive the atmospheric taste and presence of Mexico to all owned restaurants, to bring through the heritage and culture of Mexico, the colour palette found inspiration from the colours discovered on the flag of Mexico.

Colour Palette



Tu Plato is an open, family orientated business, with a truly hands-on approach to cuisine and handling customers. A handwritten font has been used to reflect the hands-on ethic of the company, and to create an authentic self-created look and feel to the typography.



All of the visuals Tu Plato use in their branding are to help visualise the character of Mexico. The iconography collated is no exception, with dominant Mexican themed plants, instruments and patterns found throughout all icons.



A1 Interior Poster Design

As part of the interior decoration, a Tu Plato original wallpaper has been designed for all Tu Plato restaurants. The wallpaper follows that of a blueprint design, however, to help bring through the brands colour palette and to help create a visually dominant art piece, the Tu Plato brand has named the picture a "redprint design".

Restaurant Menu

Outdoor Menu

Bespoke Beer Range

As part of the Tu Plato branding campaign, Tu Plato have launched a collection of 4 Hispanic themed flavors including - Saloon Red, Spearmint Leaf Saddle, Strawberry-Kiwi Half Moon & Green Papaya Handlebar

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As business has been growing for Tu Plato, they are in seek of a complete brand design that will cover all areas of the company.

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