The Problem

TWICS are a small charity with mainly part-time staff/tutors who deliver training to the most vulnerable groups in the community including those with learning difficulties, and those recovering from alcohol addiction. They also offer food safety courses to volunteers in community centres as well as Community Development training. Primarily working in Southampton city but can also provide some outside the city boundary.

TWICS were looking for support to create a new website which we will be able to update themselves easily.

TWICS wanted their website to be interactive so implementing a link to their twitter feed was essential.

TWICS’s current website is quite simple and does not work on mobile efficiently, more crucially, it does not capture what they do in their entirety.

The Solution

The solution included a bespoke website that showcases the diversity of not only the individuals participating in the courses but also the variety in the range of courses offered by TWICS themselves.

Visitors meet with a caption that summarises what TWICS offers the community in a bite-size format, before introducing them to the workshops and courses that TWICS have recently written about and posted on the website.

Colour Palette



The font 'Roboto' features friendly and open curves, which help illustrate the key messages and values that TWICS hold dearest, an open community, accessible to everyone.




TWICS is a small charity based in Southampton. Our old Website had become outdated and very clunky and not mobile friendly. We knew we needed a complete refresh but weren’t sure where to go.

We were delighted to be introduced to Jack by Solent Creatives. He met with us and quickly understood our needs. He designed a new Website which suited our charity, keeping us informed of progress and making suggestions.

Jack visited our team and projects and helped us with creating high-quality images that we could use. Once the site was complete, he gave us some training in our offices to ensure we were comfortable with using it. He was always on the end of an email giving us rapid responses to any questions and concerns that we had.

We now have a Website which is clear, looks great on mobile and is easy for us to update. Just what we wanted!

I can’t recommend Jack enough – his support throughout this process has been fantastic. He has listened to us throughout the process and has provided us with something at a very reasonable cost.

- Maureen Tomlinson

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