Wash Bomb

The Problem

Wash Bomb is one of the newest cleaning products to come to market. As the name suggests, the product is playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously – although it is serious about cleaning almost anything!

The development of the brand has been inspired by the artwork and aesthetics of the atomic age throughout the 40s and 50s with pastel colours and hand-drawn cartoons.

Wash Bomb required a website to accompany the launch of the product. The website needed to be an e-commerce site first and foremost in order to handle and process sales of the product. As well as acting as an e-commerce platform, the website would also need to provide users with content related to the product such as social media updates, testimonials, gallery competitions, etc.

The following sections were required for the website –

  • Above fold content
  • Product Information
  • Gallery
  • Shop
  • Partners

Prefered page elements –

  • Animation
  • Hand drawn elements
  • Social media updates

The Solution

The end product delivered to The Mayfield Group was a bespoke, clean and responsive website with e-commerce capabilities to allow for a smooth user journey, from discovery to purchase.

Visitors meet with a bubbly intro that summarises the Wash Bomb product, and shows use cases for the product with the option to purchase the product before and after testimonials from real-world customers.


The Wash Bomb brand is meant to be playful, tongue n' cheek and retro. An unusual style for a cleaning product that brings a fresh energy that engages customers with the brand and product. To keep the brand's energy a careful selection of illustrations, colours and typography were made that kept the brand consistent and relatable.

Colour Palette



"Cruise in to your favorite soda fountain and ask the jerk behind the counter to pull you a sweet red cherry cream soda! This extra wide sans-serif will take you back to the world of the 1950s teenager complete with bubbly enthusiasm and an optimistic outlook!"Cherry Cream Soda was the go-to solution to keep the branding of the site consistent with the atomic design approach for the Wash Bomb product.



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