The Problem

Congested parks and skate spots are hindering skateboarder’s progress, deterring them from taking part in the sport they love. With skateboarding now becoming an Olympic sport as of 2020, it is only going to expand its popularity.

The Solution

Expelled Skateboarding aims to solve this problem, with an entirely designed multi-functioning social media website which gives skateboarders the platform to mark their own spots, and to discover places to skate through the use of our unique mapping system.

The site allows those involved with the skateboarding community the power to express themselves through creative means such as videos, photos and blogs helping to generate an interactive community which is powered by skaters.

Expelled Skateboarding aims to be an interactive website hybrid that can also be installed straight to an Android phone from the website without the need to access an app store or download a sizeable mobile application. This new method of interaction with applications is achieved through the use of PWA (Progressive Website Application) concepts which are shaking how mobile apps are conceptualised and challenging the industry to adopt new best practices to improve user experiences.

Expelled not only wants to push the boundaries of how users can create content, but also the way in which software products are built and used by everyday consumers.

Expelled Skateboarding was researched, designed and developed with the hopes of creating a uniformed social media application for skateboarders, skate enthusiasts, skate shops, and those that have relationships with those active in the skate community to make use of.

As well as creating a core product, the project has been designed to experiment with popular frameworks, libraries and new concepts which assist users of web applications to use applications both online and offline.

To read more on the development of the site, read our post on Progressive Web Applications.