The Problem

The Accessible Art Show event is a product of parent company FibonARTcci.

The Accessible Art Show team approached NoFace with a challenge to design and develop a fully responsive website that gave information to attendees on the up and coming local art show.

The Accessible Art Show would include contributions from some of the best local artists that the south of England has to offer.

As well as showcasing artists, their work and how to register for the event, The Accessible Art Show site would need to accommodate the option to add news updates to the site which would inform the public of changes made to the event.

The Solution

With a collection of beautiful images and information on the event and artists, NoFace had all it needed to begin work on The Accessible Art Show website.

Taking a creative direction focused on abstract vector art and contrasting dark/light colours, The Accessible Art Show site is bold, beautiful and most importantly artistic.

The final website solution led users through a journey that explained what the event was, who would be at the event and how to register tickets.

As with many of our products, the website was built on the WordPress CMS, allowing for an intuitive interface for The Accessible Art Show administrators to take ahold of and add content to the site without the assistance of a developer.

During our hand-off of The Accessible Art Show site to The Accessible Art Show team, we conducted an SEO workshop and CMS training which explained how to add content and improve the search result performance of the site.


As aforementioned, The Accessible Art Showteam exudes artistic characteristics that we thought best to translate into the website solution. Using bold colours, abstract shapes and clear decorative web elements, the site communicates the personality we've identified in The Accessible Art Show.


The website acts as a brochure of information around the upcoming event in March. The event will combine an art exhibition with an art show and live online auction bidding (eBay style). People will be able to bid on any piece at the show using their mobile devices by logging onto an online auction platform.

View the The Accessible Art Show Website