The Problem

Vostron have partnered with CityFibre to bring fast gigabit connectivity to businesses across the UK.

After previously working with Vostron, NoFace was the first choice for collaboration on the marketing campaigns to help define and develop digital solutions that would assist customer leads, giving them the tools required to interact with the City Fibre campaign.

As part of a nationwide campaign, Vostron required micro-sites that were bespoke in design and developed to fit the marketing campaigns across cities.

The web pages would need to consist of parent pages that would include interactive page elements, and lead users to a call-to-action or to child pages that would convert sales leads into customers that could take advantage of the CityFibre scheme to save up to £3000.

As with all web projects, a strong focus would need to be on the responsiveness of the site to ensure usability is consistently solid across any device used to access the sites.

The Solution

A versatile WordPress theme that allows for the construction of landing pages focused heavily on the City Fibre scheme and its relation to Vostron’s Hyperfast gigabit connection products and services.

The theme uses current and up-to-date design trends, with a strong focus on flexible content that administrators of the project may update without coding knowledge.

The core landing pages were developed; where applicable the pages show bespoke content to users based on their location (e.g. City Fibre is coming to Fareham) with bespoke map illustrations outlining the postcodes supported by the campaign.

Links to child pages from the parent page which go in to further detail on City Fibre and how it can benefit businesses when implemented.

Bespoke 3D illustration of geographical areas targeted to visualise key areas for potential business. Development of user interaction elements (hover over to interact with graphic) to bring the page to life and engage users.

All pages were built mobile first, with both mobile and desktop designs supplied before the development of the landing pages.

A strong call to action was included at the end of all pages, as well as numerous subtle call to actions placed throughout the page sections.


Vostron is a modern company with defined brand guidelines, making the choice of colours, fonts and imagery straightforward. Continuation of the brand was essential, it needed to be obvious to customers that the site was a Vostron product, with imagery and content which visualised the services Vostron offered, improved and reliable network connectivity for businesses.


Mockup of laptop with a screenshot of the Vostron City Fibre Coventry site

Coventry targeted campaign, with a bespoke map built using Coventry supported postcodes to validate applications for City Fibre grants.

View the Vostron – Gigabit Connectivity City Fibre Campaign Website


Simply put, NoFace has been an incredible find for Vostron. They have exceeded our expectations at every turn – whether that be in the quality of work produced, the eagerness and desire to help, or the ability to contact the team at any time of the day. I cannot praise, Jack enough for how professional or how talented he is. I would recommend NoFace to everyone without a shadow of a doubt.

- Dan Smith, Vostron