Сrеаtіvе Dеѕіgn Іmрrоvеѕ Your Brand Perception

Creative design can help customers in their decision-making, creating an understanding of what they are going to buy – before they buy it.

Creative Design - Ligthbulb Polaroid

Creative design can help your brand, but first, let's define what a brand is.

Brands can be defined in two ways.

Firstly, a brand can be an identification or a mark that differentiates one business from another (through a name or a logo, for example).

Secondly, a brand symbolizes how people think about your business.

Building a brand helps customers in their decision-making, creating a perceived knowledge of what they are going to buy - before they buy it.

Creating a consistent brand design from one touchpoint to the next is vital to for both psychological and economic reasons within your organization.

It can help your company achieve the following results.

These are how creative design can improve your brand perception.

Creative Design - Ligthbulb Polaroid

Makes your Brand Easily Recognizable

Humans are hard-wired to look for patterns.

Since the beginning of time, we've looked for patterns as a way to survive.

We've used them to speed up our information processing, as well as look for dangers in our environment.

Creating a consistent brand helps people easily recognise and place your brand over time.

It also helps people be more comfortable interacting with your brand along different touchpoints because they know what to expect.

Use creative design to focus on how to create consistent yet personality-driven brands that your customers can identify!

Creative Design - Lays A Good Foundation For Content

Before you build a solid marketing plan, you have to start with a few building blocks, create some personas, map your customer journeys, inventory your assets and resources.

Imagine how hard it would be to produce creative brand content when you're missing those pieces.

To build an effective campaign, you have to know what imagery and messaging resonate, and what your audience expects to see.

Do you have a quirky mascot, tagline or hashtag that you can build on? Then you can iterate on that concept's success to tell a better story.

Prove Your Value

Why should a customer pay a little more for your product over the competition?

What makes it better?

If your site just lists a image and basic description, visitors will perceive your brand as trying to charge more for something they could get elsewhere, probably with a brand they already trust.

Use your site to prove your value.

Change the brand perception, for your product or service, from competition to the obvious choice.

Use creative design.

Add more images, include engaging descriptions that showcase the differences and list the types of customer service that make you stand apart.

Sets Expectations With Users

Have you ever clicked an ad for an article, only to find out the article was not what you expected to read?

It doesn't feel good for the user. How do you know you won't be disappointed again the next time you click?

Users want their expectations met as they click from one touchpoint to the next.

As users progress through your brand's touchpoints, they'll start to recognize each one as part of a larger picture.

Everything you go on to create will be part of that story.

Creating consistency across everything from ad copy to messages from sales reps will reinforce the customer's expectations as they move from one phase to the next in your sales process.

Builds Trust Across Channels

Have you ever gotten an email that doesn't look right because it's different than what you expected?

If so, it's entirely possible that was a dangerous phishing email and hopefully, you deleted it.

Remember our reliance on recognising patterns to survive? The same goes for building trust.

Since humans are hard-wired to look for patterns, we're also wired to be suspicious of anything that deviates from the norm.

Keeping your logos, colors and messaging consistent helps people see that they can trust your brand.


In conclusion, You work hard on your branding, so don’t forget about your web design.

The wrong design can kill even the best brand.

Use your site to improve the brand perception of your website and make sure visitors see your brand in a positive light.