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PWA: The Breakdown on Progressive Web Applications

Written By jack | Posted on 28.04.18

PWA (Progressive Website Applications) are websites that allow for the installation of technologies such as service workers for offline storage; this offline storage enables replication of native mobile applications, even when no internet connection is available.

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Icon of a photograph camera, used to resemble image formats such as webp

WebP РWhat is the WebP image format?

Written By jack | Posted on 23.04.18

The WebP image format is a file type that has existed for five years. WebP lossy images are on average 25-34% smaller than JPEG images and 26% smaller in comparison to PNG.

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Design Systems, Pattern Libraries and Style Guides

Written By jack | Posted on 21.03.18

Style Guides, Pattern Libraries, Design Systems, what are they? Where do the lines blur? And how can both designers and developers of interfaces benefit from them?

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Rock The Slackbot – Plugin Review

Written By jack | Posted on 04.08.17

In the review we discuss why 'Rock The Slackbot' is a must have for those familiar with slack and develop, design or manage a WordPress site.

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The Technological Generation Myth

Written By jack | Posted on 03.08.17

For the new generation, there is a false assumption and myth that has formed as a result of the heavy use of technology.

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Examining the Pattern: Location Services

Written By jack | Posted on 29.07.17

Smartphones applications can use a location as part of their functionality. A location can be used for Google Maps, Facebook or Instagram.

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