Using The Latest Technology To Improve Your Business

NoFace is a digital development and design agency focused on helping businesses define their identities, and form a brand that will represent their message.

We usually work with small startups, creative companies, and businesses in the South of England.

We are aware the industry is forever changing, so we don’t give fixed advice to our customers.

Every business is unique, and as such we will treat it so.

We've worked with an interesting bunch

The Accessible Art Show

The Accessible Art Show approached NoFace with a challenge to design and develop a fully responsive website that gave showcased their local art exhibition.

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Friends of Town Quay Park

The Friends of Town Quay Park required technical support to help them review & redesign their current website to create a modern and easy-to-update site.

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Vostron – Gigabit Connectivity Campaign

As part of a nationwide campaign, Vostron required micro-sites that were bespoke in design and developed to fit the CityFibre campaigns across the country.

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Expelled Skateboarding

Expelled is an entirely designed multi-functioning skateboarding social media website which gives skateboarders the platform to create and interact.

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Vostron – Hubspot Blog

Vostron, an IT communications solutions provider in Southampton, required a bespoke theme to complement their written content found on their blog.

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TWICS are a small charity that delivers training to vulnerable groups; they require a new website that captures what they offer in their entirety.

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Solent University Postcards

Southampton Solent University is looking to reach out to recent graduates to touch base and find out what they are up to after university.

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Wash Bomb is one of the newest cleaning products to come to market. Wash Bomb required a website to accompany the launch of the product.

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Rollking is a multi-purpose medicinal marijuana tool that is used to help those with body conditions that cause shakes and uncontrolled body movements.

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Building Experiences Not Websites

At NoFace we believe in creating products that create experiences, bringing brands to life and solving problems with an exciting outside of the box solutions.

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We Also Jot Down Our Thoughts

Dropping Support for Internet Explorer

In web development, 80% of headaches come from 20% of causes. We discuss how we are removing headaches in the removal of Internet Explorer.

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The Impact Of Online Solutions To Businesses in the United Kingdom

We explored the state of online, examining UK trades to gain an insight into if online business solutions have been a gift or a burden.

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Website Design vs Development, What’s The Dіffеrеnсе?

Website design vs development? Both are interchangeable terms, but designers and developers work in separate distinct areas of production.

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Redirects, How They Affect SEO

Redirects are a way to send users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested, but how do these benefit SEO?

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WordPress org vs com – What’s Thе Dіffеrеnсе?

WordPress Org vs Com, as WordPress grows in popularity, many realise that there are 2 WordPress websites and want to know the difference.

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Advertising Design, How Іt Hеlрѕ Yоu Ѕtаnd Оut

Advertising Design is the most important point of advertising.If your advertising is designed poorly, who is going to pay attention to it?

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Сrеаtіvе Dеѕіgn Іmрrоvеѕ Your Brand Perception

Creative design can help customers in their decision-making, creating an understanding of what they are going to buy - before they buy it.

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REST Endpoints in WordPress, Creating an Endpoint for Menus

With the WordPress REST API, we can rely on parts of our core site CMS to dictate consistent data to other single page applications we build.

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Pattern Library First Development

Pattern Libraries are something we are self-confessed obsessed with. Post-design we focus our front-end process on a pattern library first approach.

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Stand out from the crowd

We help identify and develop identities for local businesses which reflect the personality of the business.

We work with our customers and help create their visions. Our work is a reflection of our skills and so we let our work speak for itself.

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