Generation of Technological Adept, Dispelling the Myth

For the new generation, there is a false assumption and myth that has formed as a result of the heavy use of technology.

The Technological Generation Myth

The technological generation myth, a myth that most people believe.

Since a young age, I was told the same thing by everyone when mentioning my chosen career path.

"Smart move! Computers are used in every industry now, so being good with computers guarantees you a job."

They weren't wrong, computers have found their way in to just about any and all industries.

However, there is a false assumption and myth that has formed as a result of the heavy use of technology.

This myth is that the next generation (or should I rather say the current generation) will be technically adept. That the older generation of technology indifferent humans will fade out, only leaving those who can complete just about any task using their smartphones and laptops.

Why is this a Myth?

To put it simply, humans aren't as smart as they think they are.

Although the next generation will be familiar with the technology, it doesn't mean they will be technologically smart.

Sure the average Joe that you hang out with knows how to send a message on Facebook, but do they know

  • How to run a group call on Skype?
  • How to compress an image to lower its file size?
  • How to clean up their file system of junk?

Odds are they don't.

Design a Solution

They understand the basics of technology, how to manage social media, get news updates from their online sources, how to order an item from Amazon.

However, they still need to be catered for and have their hand held in a non-patronizing manner.

This is why design plays such an important role in technology and the applications available online today. You may be designing for a user who has experience with technology, but they will still run into roadblocks.

Never assume that a user knows how to carry out a function or follow an event-driven process.

Build signposts, explain to your users how they can achieve their goals and prepare for unexpected events with welcoming solutions.