Rock The Slackbot - Plugin Review

In the review, we discuss why ‘Rock The Slackbot’ is a must-have for those familiar with slack and develop, design or manage a WordPress site.

The Plugin

Before going into the review of the plugin, we thought it would be best to share a link to the plugin page so you can view other reviews and download the plugin yourself!

The review of the plugin is not a tutorial on how to integrate the plugin to your website, if there are requests, then we will consider it as a future standalone post.

Plugin Download Page

View the 'Rock the Slackbot' plugin page for a download link, in-depth documentation and other users reviews.

The Review

If you want a generic abstract number review that has no meaning, we give the plugin a 4/5.

Now for those of you who want a more detailed review, the WordPress plugin is a must have for those who already use slack and develop, design or manage a WordPress website.

Whether you want to know if your client has installed a new plugin on a WordPress website you have handed over to them, or if you want to have updates to your Slack team that WordPress has failed to process an automated task, ‘Rock the Slackbot’ is the answer.

‘Rock the Slackbot’ can be tied into a list of events that will alert your Slack channel with a notification, these include -

  • When a post is published
  • When a post is unpublished
  • When a post is drafted
  • When a post is pending review
  • When a post is scheduled
  • When a post’s content is updated
  • When a 404 error is thrown
  • When a comment is added
  • When a menu item is deleted
  • When media is uploaded
  • When a user has been added
  • When a new WordPress core update is available

The list goes on, so we will let you play around with what else is possible from within the plugin itself!

‘Rock the Slackbot’ is a must have a plugin for our team to monitor updates on our WordPress websites and we plan on implementing it in website development projects moving forward.